About us

Kerentech is focused on:

  • Fundraising for medtech and biotech Companies
  • Mediating between companies situated in different continents, helping them to cooperate, despite cultural gaps
  • Helping biotech , medtech and  pharma companies  to in-license and/or out-license their know-how, creating new synergies
  • Other businesses related  to finances and technology transfer, like investor advising

Kerentech  is based in  Israel and our clients are around the world, including: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Israel, Spain, India, China, Hong-Kong, Korea and Singapore.


  • Kerentech has expertise and experience in the field of investor search and screening for biotech and medtech companies or projects in need of financial and business development support.
  • Constant update of the  in-licensing, out-licensing needs of the most relevant players through  direct  an personal contact


Kerentech’s strategy is based on:

  • Deep knowledge of the markets where it works
  • Extensive and strong network of personal contacts in these markets
  • Good knowledge of available investment resources
  • Deep technology knowledge
  • Experience on technology transfer
  • Personal contact with the   most important players in the sector.