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Since 2004, Kerentech has been in the market, fundraising for medtech and biotech companies, mediating between companies situated in different continents, helping them to cooperate, despite cultural gaps.

About Us

Kerentech Consulting Ltd.

Kerentech is based in Israel and has been supporting biotech and medtech businesses globally since 2004.

Our team connects companies worldwide and makes smart business moves. With a solid track record of raising funds and helping 150+ businesses, Kerentech is here to simplify your biotech journey.

Kerentech helps biotech, medtech, and pharma companies to fundraise, in-license, and/or out-license their know-how, creating new synergies.

Kerentech also has expertise in other finance businesses: technology transfer and investment advising.

Who are our clients

Development status

Drug development companies ranging from late preclinical status to phase II. Medical devices with at least working prototypes.


Usually, our clients are looking to fundraise amounts that range from $5M to $60 M.


Our clients are based in the US, Canada, India, Europe, Israel, Korea, Singapore, and other countries.

Why Choose Kerentech?

Our Strategy, How We Do It.

We bring two decades of experience, guiding biotech and medtech ventures to success.

Our commitment to personalized solutions, global partnerships, and securing vital funding sets us apart.

We have a deep and broad network of personal contacts with the most important investors in life sciences in North America, Europe, Israel, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, and other countries

With a proven track record and a team dedicated to your goals, choosing Kerentech means choosing a trusted ally in your journey.


Deep knowledge of the markets where we work.


Extensive and strong network of personal contacts

Market know-how

Good knowledge of available investment resources


Deep technology knowledge and Expertise

Our Expertise

Unlock Your Biotech Potential with Kerentech Expertise

Our fundraising experience ranges from start-ups and spin-offs to PIPE in NASDAQ quoted Companies, phase III transactions.

Kerentech has expertise and experience in the field of investor searching and screening for biotech and medtech companies or projects in need of financial and business development support.

Constant update of the in-licensing, and out-licensing needs of the most relevant players through direct and personal contact.

We help companies that are looking for fundraising in the form of:


Please contact us at Anytime.

We will be glad to answer your questions and offer additional information.

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Please reach us at Kerentech for inquiries, collaborations, or to explore how our expertise can elevate your biotech ventures. We welcome the opportunity to engage with you and drive innovation together.





19, Ha Lamed Hey St, Jerusalem, Israel

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