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NSCLC prognosis method for outlicense

New patented and completely developed prognosis method for NCSLC  response for different treatments  is available

for outlicense.

Jerusalem Calatrava Bridge

Jerusalem Calatrava Bridge

Pancreatic cancer
We are fundraising for a Company that has developed a pipeline of small molecules,  chemically modified fatty acids, that have shown activity in different cancer types. One of them, active in a very aggrssive type of cancer  is beginning its  I/IIa  Phase.
The products have shown a very low toxicity despite their efficacy

New cancer  products

Company that has  a rich pipeline in the field of epigenetics, mostly applied to cancer. The most advanced of them is ready to enter Phase I.
The Company has a very qualified, seasoned management and plurilingual team, that has been living in different countriesin Eureope, America and Asia. The Company is willing to develop its next steps either in Europe or in any other country suitable to the investor’s needs, if necessary.
– A potent HDAC inhibitor with an effective pK profile and very low toxicity
– A highly potent and selective HDAC-6 Inhibitor

– DNMT inhibitors

– Proteasome inhibitors


 NSCLC Phase I Company

Barcelona Calatrava Tower

Barcelona Calatrava Tower

Company with international vocation,  born in Europethat on these days is establishing itself also in Puerto Rico, that has developed a new drug candidate, actually in  phase I clinical trials at two leader  medical centers in the USA
The drug candidate  acts  on a target called CholineKinase-α and is a small molecule  that obtained  the IND approval on September 2010 and is administered to patients with solid tumors.

Until present moment, the Company has  raised  almost €10 million in equity investments and has spin-out  a line of biomarker assets obtaining €1.2 million.

The company has extended its pipeline through the in-licensing of a  series of small molecules that inhibit an enzyme on the ubiquitin p


The Company is fundraising €20 million in equity and non-dilutive funds that will bring the Company to the end of Phase II with its  first drug candidate and bring three new candidates, one of them already selected, to the end of the preclinical phase.

Bioinformatics Company

New bioinformatics technology that allows to design small molecules that interact with chosen targets.
• The aim of the company is to create molecules of interest for new therapeutic targets or targets covered by drugs that are not good enough. The examples  given  by the developed molecules  show the finesse and potency of the technology.
• The algorithm, which is very powerful, is completely developed and tested, and although, obviously, it will be optimized in the  future,  there is virtually no development risk.
• The company has three molecules ready to license and two  business development agents  with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical wo

rld are working on these licenses, despite the youth of the company.
• The company plans to have a break-even point  in less than two years. For the investor there are different possibilities of disinvestment, but   the Company aims to be a company that pays  dividends.

This is  a Company that has a relatively low risk and its technology is much powerful than other companies on this field, since they  do the filtering of candidate molecules, much later of other technologies, thus they don’t lose good candidate drugs.

Radio Frequency dynamic 3-dimensional system to   visualize on real time  with high resolution and high refreshment rate internal organs of the body.

–        The Company has been fully funded until now by the inventors.

–        The Company   will begin by developing a heart non-invasive diagnose system, that will be followed by other organs

–        The Company has an experienced management team, able to work under extreme pressure and design state of the art systems on the 3-D vision RF field.

Looking for investments or codevelopment opportunities


Small molecules to treat solid cancers

Proof of concept for solid tumors on sp-1 binding inhibitor target

The Company is looking for investors

Fundraising for Venture Capital that invests in Biotech Companies

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