Cell and Life Therapeutics announces that Prof.Ankur Jain in MIT Biology Dept., joins the Company as CSO and the opening of its US company.

Cell and Life Therapeutics is developing next-generation small-molecule medicines to target the RNA cycle for treating neurodegenerative and oncology disorders.

In collaboration with Jubilant Biosys, Cell and Life Therapeutic has established “STAR (Small-molecule TArgeting RNA biology)” library platform.

Recently Cell and Life Therapeutic has selected a preclinical candidate for muscle atrophy diseases and potentially immune-oncology modulators.

Cell and Life Therapeutics also plans to establish a US corporation in Boston.

Prof. Ankur Jain in MIT Biology Dept, its longtime collaborator and SAB member, has decided to join the company as CSO to advance its RNA Phase Separation (Condensate biology) pipeline.

Cell and Life Therapeutic aims to revolutionize disease treatment by RNA-biology-modulating small molecule medicines.