Our client Goodgut signs an agreement with Palex to launch first non-invasive diagnostic tests for IBS and IBD

GoodGut has signed an agreement with Palex Medical to start selling its new non-invasive diagnostic tests RAID-Dx for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and RAID-Monitor for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in Spain.

These are the first products developed by GoodGut to reach the patient after ten years of R&D and clinical validation with internationally prestigious digestive system researchers and gastroenterologists. They are all based on patented technology that detects a specific strain of bacteria for each of the pathologies in a faeces sample.

The system provides significant benefits for the medical community and patients. RAID-Dx is the first tool that can be used for a fast and reliable diagnosis of IBS, which until now could only be diagnosed by excluding other pathologies, and also offers a differential diagnosis from IBD. RAID-Monitor meanwhile can be used to detect IBD and carry out monitoring that significantly improves patients’ quality of life.

GoodGut was created in 2014 to introduce a new global paradigm into the clinical standards for digestive diseases. “This agreement with a leading firm like Palex Medical and starting to sell our products is a real step forward“, says Mariona Serra, co-founder and CEO of GoodGut. “We are proud that knowledge generated in academia with the doctors Xavier Aldeguer and Jesús Gil has turned into new medical solutions for society”, she tells us.

“We feel very fortunate to have been able to work with GoodGut in making this innovative technology offering clinicians new tools for improving patients’ quality of life accessible to clinical laboratories and gastroenterologists”, says Montse Carenys, director of the In Vitro Diagnosis and Oncology Division at Palex Medical.

Palex Medical is Spain’s leading company in the field of diagnosing and monitoring IBD. As a result of the agreement reached with GoodGut, Palex Medical has been able to include diagnostic tools that are unique to the market in its portfolio.

Almost half of all Spaniards suffer from a digestive pathology according to the Spanish Digestive System Foundation. To prevent the occurrence of diseases of this type from increasing, it is important to encourage the population to adopt healthy habits and to develop new medical solutions for prevention and early stage diagnosis. IBS is one of the ten most difficult diseases to identify according to the Fleming list and in the case of IBD it is estimated that up to 45% of patients wait for over a year for diagnosis, and 17% for over five years.

Currently GoodGut has five products in development in the pipeline (four non-invasive diagnostic tests and a prebiotic).

Photo: From left to right, Montse Carenys (Palex), Xavier Vengochea (Palex), Mariona Serra (GoodGut), Jaume Clarina (Palex), Juan Manuel Garcia (Palex) and Dr Xavier Aldeguer (GoodGut).

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